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Snapshots - California Counties

North Coast

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Redwoods, coastline, wine and more, all the way to the Oregon border

Mendocino County
March 2004

The Mendocino Headlands, just south of downtown Mendocino.

Sonoma County
September 2003

A few of those famed Sonoma Valley grapes.  This picture was taken at the Valley of the Moon Winery, in Glen Ellen. 

Humboldt County
September 2003

This redwoods photo is just a placeholder, until we can visit again and get a more panoramic snapshot.   Humboldt County is a favorite of ours and deserves better :) 

North Coast
North Coast

Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Lake, and Sonoma Counties.

Del Norte
Del Norte
June 2003

The rugged Pacific coastline alongside US 101, between Redwood National Park and Crescent City.

Lake County
September 2003

Smaller recreational alternatives to sprawling Clear Lake, the two Blue Lakes are located in the northwestern part of this aptly named county.    

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